Covid passports rejected

The Canarian Supreme Court has once again rejected the idea of Covid passports to enter bars, restaurants and other establishments.

Covid Certificates

Your Covid certificate will be essential when travelling off-island in the near future, and may also be required for entry to any indoor areas open to the public, if recent plans by the Canarian Government go ahead. Here’s the easiest way for those who’ve been vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid to get it.

Lanzarote: Drone base

Four Reaper military drones owned by the Spanish Air Force will be stationed at Lanzarote's military aerodrome over the coming months. Lanzarote will act as a secondary base for the drones, which will be under the control of 233 Squadron, whose main base is at Talavera in Badajoz.

Are the levels still useful?

Every Thursday since last December, individuals and businesses throughout the Canaries have watched government announcements closely to see how the Canarian Government applies its semaphore system which places the islands in four different levels depending on infection rates and hospital occupancy.

Three days of mourning for Enrique Pérez Parrilla

Lanzarote’s Cabildo has ordered three days of official mourning following the death of Enrique Pérez Parrilla, the Socialist politician who held the post of President of the island’s government on four occasions between 1983 and 2003, and who died yesterday at the age of 73.

Cycle space

The Guardia Civil have reminded motorists about the rules for overtaking cyclists – a very frequent occurrence on Lanzarote’s roads.

Lanzarote remains on Level 2

The Canarian Government decided to maintain Lanzarote at Level 2 on Thursday. Tenerife and Gran Canaria remain on Level 4, while Fuerteventura is still in Level 3. The two smallest islands, La Gomera and EL Hierro, both dropped a level to L2 and L1 respectively.

Be prepared for the heatwave!

An orange weather alert for heat has been issued for Lanzarote for this weekend, Spain's weather agency AEMET has announced. Orange is the second-highest level of alert, and means that citizens are advised to “be prepared” for extreme weather conditions.

Eyes on the skies

Tonight is the best time to see the Perseids - the annual display of shooting stars known in Mediterranean countries as “St Laurence's Tears”, because they occur around the feast day of that saint. And if you believe in making a wish when you see a shooting stars, tonight's the night you can wish the night away.