7 million euros for new Playa Honda health centre

Mayor of San Bartolome, Isidro Pérez, has announced that the project start date is getting closer and closer. With the project Playa Honda will have a health centre that “it deserves, and in accordance with the population as well as attending to demands of the residents”.

Struggling with the cost of living

A Lancelot interview with shop owners has highlighted the struggle in Lanzarote to make ends meet, with many businesses struggling with the increased costs.

Guardia Civil warn against luggage scam

The Guardia Civil have issued a warning about a new scam involving fake notifications of withheld luggage, requiring the unsuspecting victim to pay money for lost luggage that doesn’t exist.

Carpets of Salt

Corpus Christi falls this Thursday, but the main celebration of this religious event will take place in Arrecife this weekend with one of Lanzarote's most charming events – the Salt Carpets.

Fiery night

Emergency services were called to attend various fires last night, as arson appears to be on the increase in Lanzarote.

Hiperdino invests 2.5 million in Deiland

Last Friday the Canarian supermarket announced that it had invested 2.5 million euros into a comprehensive renovation of the Deiland branch in Playa Honda.

Drug dealer caught and arrested

The Guardia Civil arrested a 38-year-old man last month after an investigation revealed that he was involved in drug trafficking and selling in Arrecife.

Tenerife parties

One of the candidates for Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been eliminated because her costume was so heavy that the stage could not support it.

Bikes for sale at Bike Sensations

A new shipment of rental bikes has arrived on the island for Bike Sensations, meaning that they will be selling last year’s collection of bikes (ex-rental). Take this chance to look at their bikes before they’re all sold!