Spain opens to Ukrainian refugees

Spain has announced that it will take in an initial amount of 12,000 Ukrainian refugees, although this figure is “flexible” and is likely to rise considerably

Sunflower oil limits

Canarian supermarkets have imposed limits on purchases of sunflower oil after fears of panic buying caused by price rises.

Speeding driver caught

An 18-year-old driver was caught by speed cameras travelling at 113 kilometres per hour along the Rambla Medular in Arrecife, which has a speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour.

Yaiza acquire new microchip readers

The Yaiza Ayuntamiento, in collaboration with local police and animal protection, have acquired three new microchip readers to identify lost or escaped pets.

“With all, for all”

International Women's Day will be celebrated all over Lanzarote today, with several events organised by the Cabildo, Ayuntamientos and NGOs.

Arrecife carnival 2022

Arrecife has launched its 2022 carnival poster and released early details of some of the main events that will take place in this year's delayed celebrations.

Full capacity from today

Bar, restaurants and most other establishments on Lanzarote are permitted to operate at full capacity both indoors and outdoors from today.

Movie Madness

The Movie Vault in Playa Blanca has just about everything a film and videogames buff could ask for, with a wide range of posters, mugs, signed prints, odds and ends, and much more.

Yaiza Clarification

Following news last month that the Papagayo International Hotel was to be demolished, Yaiza Ayuntamiento has stated that this is not the case, and it will instead seek to undertake the demolition of the part of the hotel that was constructed in contravention of the law.