Backsliding on Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Gran Canaria

As Lanzarote continues to successfully reduce its Covid figures, the three other largest Canary Islands have been steadily going in the other direction, and are likely to see stricter levels imposed after today's assessment by the Canarian Government.

Teachers next

As Canarian teachers prepare to receive Covid vaccines over the coming weeks, the performance of schools continues to offer hope and encouragement. Currently, of 1,296 classes of all ages on Lanzarote, just four are currently in quarantine because of a suspected contact with an active case.

Keep on swinging!

Paul Kelly reports on how Lanzarote golfers are coping with Covid, and how the greens are greener and the fairways fairer after the rains.

Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine suspended in Spain

Spain’s Health Minister, Carolina Darias, yesterday announced that Spain would follow France, Germany, Italy and several other European countries, and suspend the administration of the Oxford/AstroZeneca (AZ) vaccine until the possibility that it may be linked with a handful of cases of pulmonary thrombosis is discounted.

Simón says…

Fernando Simón, the Director of Emergencies at Spain's Health Ministry, and perhaps the most widely recognised of Spain's Covid experts, told an interviewer yesterday that he did not believe that masks were the key to controlling the virus.

Sunday News Roundup

New Sunday weekly roundup! A rundown of everything that has happened during week that you need to know; written in a brief and easy to understand format.

The day it all stopped

It wasn’t the best of days: the sea was unsettled and choppy beneath a cloudy sky, but it wasn’t just the weather that was uncertain. On the morning of Saturday the 14th of March 2020, those who had been reading the news knew something was coming, but no one knew exactly what.

The culture drought

Just over a year ago, the Gazette dedicated at least six pages to cultural and sporting events every month. On an island where there was almost always something going on, whether it was a marathon, a footie match, a jazz concert, an art exhibition or a local fiesta, it was one of our most popular features.

Vaccine record

The Canarian Government has administered 192,191 does of the coronavirus vaccines so far, and has fully immunised just under 60,000 people on the islands with double doses. This figure represents 4.4% of the target population.