5th Jan 2022 @ 2:37 pm

So now that we have waved ‘adiós’ to 2021, let’s set our sights forward to 2022 with language coach Janet Harper.

Are you one of those people who relish the idea of the start of a fresh new year? Who see it as a clean page to start afresh, with new goals and new challenges. Or is it “just another day” and to be treated as such?

Well, I have to say, I’m one of the former – I love a new diary and like to use it betwixt Christmas and New Year to plan activities for the year ahead, and even set myself some New Year’s Resolutions.

Let’s take a look at the Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions in Spanish (they’re known as Resoluciones del Año Nuevo) so you can practice your Spanish and you may even get inspired in the process!

Hacer más ejercicio (ha-THERE mass eh-HAIR-thi-thi-oh)

To do more exercise is the most common resolution – going to the gym, jogging, swimming etc, as staying healthy is important. No wonder it’s top of the list each year.

Aprender más español (ah-prend- DARE mas español)

Learning more Spanish was bound to be high on the list! Todos nos beneficiamos si hablamos mas espanol! – We all benefit if we learn more Spanish!

Perder peso (pear-DARE PESS-oh)

Lose weight is another common resolution, probably linked closely to resolution number one! Or it could be the opposite, ganar peso (ga-NAR PESS-oh)?

Gastar menos dinero (gas-TAR MENoss di-NARE-oh)

Spend less money. Perhaps there is not too much to show for last years outlay and you

want to save more, maybe to enjoy No. 5…

Viajar (bi-ah-HAR)

To travel – depending on restrictions it may be time to plan a great get-away – on Lanzarote or maybe further afield?

Pasar tiempo con la familia (pass-AR ti-EM-po con la fa-MILL-ia)

Spend time with the family – the pandemic has made us appreciate the value of being close to family and friends, so this is no doubt on many of our lists.

…and maybe as an after-thought we could add…

Mejor gestión del tiempo (MAY-hor hest-ION del ti-EMPO)

Better time management – do you often find you don’t get to do things, like improving your Spanish, because there is not enough time?

Study Planner Pack

I’ve created the SPANISH COACH STUDY PLANNER PACK which helps to give structure to the main areas of learning the language with weekly activity sheets, setting learning goals, tracking your progress and how to find the time to make it all happen!


Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2022.

Deseando a todos un feliz, saludable y próspero 2022.

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