1st Feb 2022 @ 11:58 am

Our kitchens are the most-used rooms in our homes, and while you may see it as just a place to cook and do the washing up, it’s equally important to update your kitchen as it is your living room or master bedroom.

Traditionally, kitchens are used almost exclusively for the preparation and cooking of meals, but they are also used for bonding. The living room, dining room and kitchen are the three most popular areas for family and friends to gather.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we all had a lot of time on our hands, and a lot of us often turned to improving our cooking skills. In turn, we all spend more time in our kitchens than ever, preparing healthier home-cooked meals.

Now that we’re spending more time in our kitchens than ever, it’s important that it looks the part. While you may have updated your living room and dining room over the years, when was the last time you transformed your kitchen?

Giving your kitchen a facelift is cheaper than you think and even the smallest of changes can totally transform the space. Here are some ideas that you can use to update your kitchen:


If you’re sick of looking at the same old cabinets that you’ve had for years, try painting them. You’ll need masking tape, a screwdriver to remove cabinet doors and an old bedsheet.

The rest is up to you. If you would like a brushed effect then use a brush; to achieve a smooth and brush mark-free finish, then you’ll want a spray gun. Semi-gloss or satin finishes are most common in kitchens.


You could spend hours in home furniture departments looking at all their kitchen countertop options. The most popular countertops of 2021 were Quartz, Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Wood.

Replacing your countertop with a material that compliments your newly painted cabinets can breathe life into your old kitchen.


If you’re going to revamp your kitchen, you’ll need to follow a plan and colour scheme.

By far the most popular and aesthetically pleasing combination of 2021 was green and gold cabinets, paired with a stunning marble or matte-black countertop. Green and gold made a comeback with a popular trend on TikTok, where keen upcyclers would refurbish old wooden furniture with dark green paints and gold accents/handles.

With the rebirth of the colour black, olive greens and earthy tones in our homes, you have a wide range of options to choose from when planning your new kitchen.


Under-cabinet lights are a modern kitchen staple, with almost every new kitchen being fitting with the cheap and effective light fixtures.

There isn’t much point to refurbishing your kitchen, if it isn’t lit up properly. Not only does it improve the quality of lighting, but it specifically lights up your working space too.

You can find a variety of LED lights online, some of which can be wired to your light switch and others battery operated.

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