21st Jan 2022 @ 12:14 pm

Spanish cleaning and hygiene products have recently taken off in the UK, as social media goes crazy about scented floor cleaners, disinfectants and even baby colognes.

It’s not certain where the trend started, but the popularity of house cleaning influencers such as Mrs Hinch definitely has something to do with it.

The most popular products include Asevi, which produces floor cleaners and disinfectants; and Nenuco, a baby cologne made by the British company that also produces Durex and Nurofen. All of these products are easily available in Spanish supermarkets, but they’re not marketed outside Spain.

That’s why a little research will come up with adverts for small businesses selling Spanish cleaning products all over the UK. They’re not particularly cheap, either – a bottle of Asevi floor cleaner that costs €1.99 in Hiperdino will set you back around £3.50 in the UK.

It seems that one of the main points of appeal of these products is their fragrance, which has been described as reminding purchasers of the smell of their villas and apartments on Spanish holiday. But the colours of the packaging are also a draw, with some companies offering colour-matched gift packs.

Five Spanish prodcuts that Brits can’t get enough of:

Moussel shower gel

A Spanish design classic, with its unique pink octagonal container. Local price: about €2.50.

Nenuco Baby Cologne

A lemonyfresh fragrance for infants. Local price: about €4.15.

Asevi Floor Cleaner

(Fregasuelos). Scented floor cleaner in vivid colours. Local price: about €2.

Las 3 Brujas

(Three Witches) disinfectant For floors and ceramic surfaces. Local price: about €2.50.

Heno de Pravia soap

Another Spanish household classic. Local price: about €2.50 for 3 bars.

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