6th Aug 2020 @ 11:20 am

Summer holidays are special in so many ways, and the experiences we have with food and drink are one of the most memorable of them. As Lanzarote gets back to normal, Lanzarote’s skill at serving up those delicious summer holiday dishes is going to help us get there.

Home favourites

Holiday food can be deeply nostalgic – the tang of salty, vinegary chips eaten with a wooden fork from a polystyrene tray to the sound of seagulls calling; that urgent hurry to lick melting ice cream from the cone before it drips onto your hand or the comforting warmth of candy floss on your face – most of us have vivid memories of comforting, delicious foods we ate when we were younger and determined to enjoy our days in the sun.

On Lanzarote, it’s never hard to recreate those memories and sit down in front of a slap-up meal that will make your day. This is a magical place where you can enjoy a fried breakfast almost any time of day or have a pizza for breakfast if you prefer – it’s your holiday, after all – do what you want!

Eating al fresco

Everyone who’s tried it agrees that fresh air is a seasoning that can be as important as salt and pepper, adding a special something to any meal enjoyed on a terrace. In fact, as terraces are now permitted to seat 100 of their permitted number of clients, they’re likely to be more popular than ever on lovely Lanzarote.

And Lanzarote has so many restaurants with wonderful views and gorgeous weather that eating outdoors has always been as normal as indoors here. It’s just a more sophisticated level of the café culture we see everywhere – where chatting, people watching, snacking and just enjoying being in the moment are essential parts of life.

Formal picnics aren’t all that popular on Lanzarote – the island is too hot and exposed to find shady spaces where you can lay a blanket on the ground – but there’s still a big demand for pre-prepared meals and snacks you can take to the beach or on an excursion.

An eating adventure

Summer holidays are also times when we discover exciting dishes and new flavours that may change the way we approach food in the future. Spanish classics such as paella or garlic prawns have been hugely popular on Lanzarote for decades and there are now plenty of holiday makers who are also happy to try less familiar dishes such as puntillas (deep-fried baby squid) or huevos rotos, and discover exactly how delicious they are.

Lanzarote also offers you the perfect opportunity to get to know local and Spanish wines, and beer drinkers have seen the classic local Dorada and Tropical brews joined by an increasing numbers of local microbreweries.

Lanzarote’s food and drink scene has improved immensely over the last ten years, and you can now find brilliant ingredients, innovative chefs and a real enthusiasm all over the island. It’s worth discovering.