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Bag It Up!

Hi guys,

Following on from David Lamb’s letter in the October issue: I was greeted on my return from a morning walk to Papagayo beach by a large deposit right outside our villa. A search for a suitable bag and bin started me thinking, and then David’s post encouraged me to suggest more readily-available “poo bags” on sale – but most importantly, an introduction/ increase in poop bag bins. If they are there, surely more folks will use them

Regards, Lynne Gray

PR Problems

Dear Editor,

As home-owners and long time visitors and lovers of PDC, we feel very concerned by our worsening experiences on the promenade with the PR restaurant promoters. It has become a nuisance, bordering on harassment, especially if the group are female as happened to me with my cousins when our way was blocked.

On the complex where we live a German lady, who was visiting for the first time on her own, commented that she loved the island, but felt “intimidated” when walking down the promenade.

None of this reflects well on this beautiful island of warm, generous people. Surely in 2019, as with the now outlawed timeshare promotors, the time has come to ban restaurant PR on the strip?

Let people enjoy the beautiful views in peace and eat where they choose.

Kind Regards, Mr & Mrs W

Thanks for your Patience

Dear G Life,

I’d just like thank the passengers who shared the recent flight from Newcastle with me and my baby Katie. I don’t know why she was crying so badly – it could have been the pressure hurting her ears – but she doesn’t usually cry like that.

It’s mortifying to have a baby screaming the place down – the stress of having a distressed baby is multiplied by embarrassment at the disturbance you’re causing, so I’m really grateful that everyone was so patient and the couple on the seats in front were so supportive, trying to cheer Katie up.

I don’t mind if they go and moan on Facebook afterwards – there was a time when I might have done it myself. But it’s good to know that people are basically nice.

Donna Keyes

Crime Rhyme

Dear Ed,

Barely a day passes when you don’t read or hear about some type of scam. Much of this is done by manipulating computer technology to fraudulent ends, but there are still many people out there who could sell refrigerators to eskimos.

The old saying comes to mind, ‘If it seems to good to be true, it probably isn’t true’. I’ve written the following about one of the culprits. I call him…

Mr Smiles
I guess we’ve all met Mr Smiles,
Whose seductive message so beguiles,
That for a moment we suspend belief,
Not thinking he’s really a thief.
He will sell insurance, old used cars,
Dodgy holidays in seedy bars,
Anything to part you from your cash,
That at first doesn’t seem too rash.
But be wary the moment that he beams,
Whatever he says is not all it seems,
Keep a healthy distance from his smiles,
Treat him like sharks or crocodiles.

John Leppard, Las Villas, PDC