27th Apr 2020 @ 9:41 am

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I have come to Lanzarote every year since 2007. I am 68 years old. I know a whole lot of locations on the island but I am still curious to get to know new landscapes. Therefore I would very much appreciate if you could describe in each Gazette an easy to medium circular hiking trail of about 5 km which I could reach by car.

I am also keen to discover interesting spots on the island apart from the main attractions and to visit exhibitions.

I would be happy if you considered my suggestions.

Kind regards, Edeltraut Stuiber

Ed: Thanks for your letter, Frau Stuiber. We’re currently publishing a series of articles titled Secret Island, aimed at highlighting walks and lesser-known sights on the island. For example, this issue there’s an article on the Playa del Paso, with tour guide David Penney adding details of a circular route. We’ll be adding more routes in future months, and focusing on easier challenges first of all.


Dear Gazette,

Will you be putting your April magazine out around the island?

Yours K. Tee via Email

Ed: Sorry, but no. Almost all of our distribution points will be closed due to the Spanish government’s restrictions, and we think it would be irresponsible to expect people to leave their homes to try and find one, in any case. This online magazine is the only version available of our April magazine, and we’ll make a decision about the May magazine when the situation becomes clearer.


Dear Editor,

Three days after the lockdown started I was called in to give blood at Arrecife’s General Hospital. I was extremely nervous and was expecting a chaotic situation, but to my surprise everything was calm, and hospital staff were patiently explaining to the few patients that they had to stay a metre apart.

I was in and out quickly, and would just like to express my admiration and gratitude for all that the nurses, doctors and assistants at the hospital do. Many of them must be so worried in the current situation.

Karen Dinsdale


Dear Ed,

I’m sitting on my balcony enjoying a cup of tea with the sun shining. Our pantry and fridge are well-stocked and we’ve got toilet roll for a few weeks yet. My wife is inside watching a Sandra Bullock film with the cat dozing beside her – in fact, I think they might both be dozing by now – and we’ll chat to our daughter on the laptop when she’s finished.

Yes, like everyone else we’re worried about the virus and the effects it will have, and the news of deaths and illness are extremely sad. But in the meantime, we know that there could be worse places to be locked down, (as our daughter will no doubt tell us), and we’re grateful to be here on Lanzarote.

Stay at home and stay safe and well, everyone!

Ray Jones, Puerto del Carmen