1st Feb 2020 @ 6:00 am

Tour guide David Penney remembers an excursion from Femés to the “Secret Garden”.

A group of friends set out to visit the Secret Garden which is hidden along the coast between Playa Quemada and Papagayo.

The track is fairly rocky and a wee bit challenging so we all ensured that we had suitable footwear and plenty of water as there is no shade along the route. The herders shelter is a welcome place to take a brief stop for juice or a snack.

As we approached the bottom of the barranco we were greeted by a well-kept garden area which has been maintained by a local family who visit the garden regularly. On a couple of our visits we have been lucky enough to chat with a couple of the family members.

Anyone who is fortunate enough to visit can leave a gift or simply write your name on a rock. PLEASE do not leave litter or take anything from the garden as this is a special place and needs to be respected.

On the walk back up to the barranco towards Femés you may spot a yellow fruit lying on the ground. Do not touch it as it is poisonous and can cause bad skin irritation.