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Daily updated Covid-19 figures.

Updated: 11/05/2021

Lanzarote’s active cases increased again today. The island recorded 7 new cases and 4 recoveries. Additionally, the hospital recorded one discharge. Elsewhere, El Hierro cut its active cases in half and is now just 4 recoveries away from going Covid-free. Gran Canaria looks set to achieve under 700 active cases by the end of the week if the island continues the way it has been this week.

Lanzarote have registered 7 new cases and 4 recoveries, which brings the active cases to 146. Hospital figures show that there are 3 patients on the ward and 1 in ICU.

Lanzarote’s 7-day and 14-day rate have changed. 7-day from 68.03 to 67.39 (a decrease of 0.9%) and 14-day from 118.09 to 114.88 (a decrease of 2.7%). The ICU Occupation percentage remained the same at 6.25%.

The Canary Islands recorded 112 new cases and 225 recoveries in total today. Lanzarote accounted for 5.74% of the new cases. Additionally, Lanzarote accounts for 5.35% of active cases.

Tenerife recorded a death today, which maintains the total deaths in the Canaries to 750 since the start of the pandemic.

Total Cases 2020 (+7)5,091
Active Cases (+3)146
Recovered (+4)4,897
Those on the ward (-1)3
Those in Intensive Care (+0)1
Deaths (+0)48
7-day Infection Rate67,39
14-day Infection Rate114,88
Percentage Of Positive Tests3,82
Active Cases (-104)2,833
Deaths (+1)750
7-day Infection Rate38,93
14-day Infection Rate83,78

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