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Daily updated Covid-19 figures.

Updated: 28/07/2021

Lanzarote’s active cases rose to the 170s after the island recorded 21 new cases and 9 recoveries. Elsewhere, the Canaries recorded close to 1000 new cases today with Tenerife & Gran Canaria accounting for 90%. Additionally, La Palma was the only island to record a reduction in active cases.

Lanzarote have registered 21 new case and 9 recoveries, which brings the active cases to 179. Hospital figures show that there are 2 patients on the ward and 0 in ICU.

Lanzarote’s 7-day and 14-day rate have changed. 7-day from 70.6 to 74.45 (an increase of 5.4%) and 14-day from 148.9 to 148.26 (a decrease of 0.4%). The ICU Occupation remained unchanged at 0%.

The Canary Islands recorded 943 new cases and 522 recoveries in total today. Lanzarote accounted for 2.22% of the new cases. Additionally, Lanzarote accounts for 1.72% of active cases.

Gran Canaria and La Plama recorded 3 new deaths today, which brings the total deaths in the Canaries to 817 since the start of the pandemic.

Total Cases 2020 (+21)6080
Active Cases (+12)179
Recovered (+9)5,852
Those on the ward (+1)2
Those in Intensive Care (+0)0
Deaths (+0)48
7-day Infection Rate74,45
14-day Infection Rate26
Percentage Of Positive Tests5,18
Active Cases (+418)12522
Deaths (+3)817
7-day Infection Rate249,78
14-day Infection Rate470,41

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