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Daily updated Covid-19 figures.

Updated: 13/04/2021

An uneventful day for Lanzarote as the island recorded 10 new cases and 12 recoveries. Elsewhere, Gran Canaria is the only island in the Canaries to have more than 3 categories classified as “high risk”. Lanzarote has zero categories in “high risk”.

Lanzarote have registered 10 new cases and 12 recovery, which brings the active cases to 109. Hospital figures show that there are 3 patients on the ward and 3 in ICU.

Lanzarote’s 7-day and ICU Occupation % have changed. 7-day from 48.13 to 44.93 (a decrease of 6.6%) and 14-day remained the same at 80.22. The ICU Occupation % decreased from 10.42% to 8.33%.

The Canary Islands recorded 211 new cases and 286 recoveries in total today. Lanzarote accounted for 4.76% of the new cases. Additionally, Lanzarote accounts for 2.36% of active cases.

Tenerife recorded a new death today, which brings the total deaths in the Canaries to 696 since the start of the pandemic.

Total Cases 2020 (+10)4,760
Active Cases (-2)107
Recovered (+12)4,605
Those on the ward (+0)3
Those in Intensive Care (+0)3
Deaths (+0)48
7-day Infection Rate44,93
14-day Infection Rate80,22
Percentage Of Positive Tests3,39
Active Cases (-76)4,538
Deaths (+1)696
7-day Infection Rate72,8
14-day Infection Rate135,16

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