1st Aug 2022 @ 6:00 am

The lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 saw many of us take to the kitchen to refine and learn new skills. As a result, there are more home cooks than ever, and every budding chef needs the proper utilities to prepare delicious dishes with ease.

Be honest, how long have you been using the same set of cooking pots, kitchen cutlery and dishes? For many of us the answer is longer than we should have. It’s time to retire them and look for something better.


Quality pots and pans are essential to stress-free cooking. You may think that any old pan will do, as they all do the same thing, but you couldn’t be any further from the truth. Higher quality pots and pans use better heat conductors and more durable materials – the better the heat conduction, the more evenly and precisely your food will be cooked. Talk to your local home shop about the topic and they’ll walk you through the process of selecting your new set.


Blunt knives are no fun, they’re frustrating, cumbersome, and dangerous. You’re at more risk of cutting yourself with a blunt knife than with a newly sharpened one. That’s because it’s more like to glide across the surface and slip rather than cutting. A brand-new set of high-quality knives will cut down on preparation time and make cooking a dream. It will also allow you to perform finer cuts for more precise cooking.


Now that you’re equipped with the proper tools to work your magic in the kitchen there are no limitations, however, you’ll want a stunning set of plates to serve your showstopping dishes on. Although white plates work well for most dishes, a striking black plate or grey slate can take your dish to another level.

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