23rd Sep 2020 @ 12:55 pm

On Spanish roads, there are four things that all drivers must carry in their cars at all times. After that, there are also several items that it’s a good idea to have to hand when you’re driving on Lanzarote.

First published in Gazette Life, September 1st 2020.

Compulsory Items


It is obligatory to carry the technical documents (green sheet) of the car and the permiso de circular (licence to circulate) at all times. Also, a valid ITV sticker, if applicable, must be visible, and proof of insurance and local car tax must be carried.

Spare wheel

Make sure the tyre is kept inflated and be sure you have a jack and a wheel spanner, too. More recent cars come with an anti-puncture spray kit, which seals tyres and allows you to briefly inflate them. These are permitted in place of spare wheels, but are no use for blow-outs.

Reflective jacket

Always keep this inside the car where you can reach it, as it is illegal to leave the car without it to fetch it from the boot. It’s a good idea to keep at least two jackets to hand, and more if you habitually drive with more passengers.

Warning triangles

Two triangles must be carried, and each one must be placed 50 metres ahead of and behind a stationary vehicle. Spain’s Traffic Department plans to phase out triangles in favour of amber flashing lights by 2025.

Recommended Items

Spare bulbs for headlights

Since 2010 these are no longer compulsory, but can come in very handy indeed.

Spare glasses or contact lenses

If your vision is impaired, it’s a good idea to keep a spare set of specs on hand. It is not, however, obligatory by law.

A petrol canister

A plastic container will be useful if you ever run out of petrol.

Mobile phone

Be sure to have fast access to the numbers of your insurer, a tow-truck firm, your mechanic etc. A smart phone can also be useful as a map, a camera and a torch.

Small First Aid kit

Useful for cuts, scratches and mild burns.

Pen, paper, insurance claim forms

You need records in case of an accident and/or claim.

Gloves, rags, wet wipes, water

All useful for dealing with stains and smears.