1st Aug 2022 @ 6:00 am

In this climate, our windows and doors need careful consideration. The choice of material used can be a costly oversight if all factors aren’t considered.

Take a drive through any rural village on Lanzarote and you’ll recognise that every traditional abandoned house has one thing in common – wooden windows and doors. While the wooden look can be charming, it is a material of the past for our home fittings.

Nowadays, materials used in modern home fittings are ever improving with more durable materials that are built to last. Modern materials such as uPVC and aluminium are extremely resistant which is particularly important for an island like Lanzarote for many reasons:

First, brand new, professionally fitted windows and doors offer control. You can open them to allow the sun and fresh air into your home, or you can shut them tight when the wind gets up or the occasional showers start. Every detail down to the seal used to secure the fitting ensures that nothing gets in or out without your say so.

Secondly, strong fittings offer security and peace of mind. When leaving your home, you want to feel that it’s safe and that your windows and doors aren’t easily pried open. New fittings come with strong, durable locks. An alarm system is equally important, too, but first and foremost you want potential burglars to see your home as too secure to bother trying.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, windows offer privacy. External shutters and pull-down blinds keep prying eyes out and allows for more privacy.

Remember to always choose reliable, toughened glass. The sudden gusts of wind that occur on Lanzarote can slam open windows shut and damage them if the proper materials aren’t used. If you have kids living in or visiting your property, a safe and toughened glass is paramount.

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