3rd Jun 2020 @ 8:58 am

The return to normality offers us the chance to make real changes  and new opportunities to look after the beautiful island and the wonderful world that that we all share.

If you haven’t discovered Biomeco in San Bartolomé, now’s the time. There’s never been a better moment to embrace a kinder, less impactful way of living, and Biomeco’s fascinating and often surprising range of eco-products helps to show us the way forward.

Biomeco opened its doors again on Monday, and will be open from 10am – 2pm & 4pm to 7pm. The shop has also launched a website https://www.biomeco.es/ (only in Spanish at the moment) where you can order products to be collected at  the shop.

Biomeco can be found just off the main road through San Bartolomé, on the little cul-de-sac opposite the Lolita bakery. 

It’s great to see those doors opening again. If you have any further information you would like to share, just send us a message.