1st Aug 2022 @ 6:00 am

As trends change and our liking for certain things fade, we often want to totally change the design or orientation of a room in our house. One of the rooms we frequent most is the bathroom – using it to get ready every morning and to carry out our skincare routines before bed.

You may view your bathroom as just a functional room, used for getting ready for work, going to the toilet and for brushing your teeth, but it’s much more than that. It’s the first room that many of us walk into after waking up and it’s one of the last rooms we see before going to bed.

As it is one of the first rooms you’ll step into after waking up, it’s important to get the lighting right. It’s time to unscrew those bright-white bulbs and swap them for warmer lighting that’s more forgiving on our sleepy eyes.

Then there are factors such as clutter and unnecessary furniture items, you shouldn’t have to fight with bottles and tubes on top of your sink just to reach the toothbrush every morning. Try to look for a thin wall cabinet to store your perfumes, deodorants, and moisturisers.

Walk-in showers are great for those that have them but covering it with a curtain can make the room look smaller. Look out for glass shower doors in furniture or hardware shops as a gleaming pane of glass can reflect the light making the room brighter and appear bigger.

With enough tweaks and a few colour changes you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams. And you can stand back and look at your work with pride.

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