5th Sep 2022 @ 12:42 pm

In Spain, windows generally open inward. The reasons for this are a result of Spain’s hot weather and its love of privacy.

You’ll sometimes see bars or grilles on the windows of older properties, especially in towns and cities. These are there for security, and mean that windows can be opened to let cool air into the house in the mornings and evenings, without tempting intruders.

Although they were only ever needed on lower floors, Spanish households would often install bars on upper windows as a safety measure for children or even pets.

In most homes, bars have now been replaced by shutters, which always open outward. Shutters are often fitted with adjustable slats that can be adjusted to let in more or less light and air.

A good set of shutters is a magnificent tool for controlling the light, heat and air in your home, and it reduces the need for curtains, which are not particularly compatible with inward-opening windows. When curtains are used, the rail is likely to be much wider than the window, allowing them to be drawn back so windows can be opened fully.

Inward-opening windows are also much easier to clean, although British and Irish residents sometimes miss the ability to put plants or ornaments on the windowsill.

Curtains are usually light in these circumstances, allowing softer light to enter but keeping insects at bay and maintaining privacy.

Heavier curtains are usually found on larger, patio style sliding glass doors. As it’s difficult to have shutters on patio doors, it’s the heavier curtains that do the work of keeping light and the heat of the day out. Often there’ll be a second set of lighter curtains or even a venetian-style blind fitted, once again allowing you to adjust light levels.

Vertically sliding sash windows that were so popular in Britain are rarely seen in Spain. However, the tilt-and-turn or tilt-and-shift styles that permit you to open windows fully inward, or to be tilted for ventilation, are increasingly popular.

There are plenty of other window styles available, suitable for larger or smaller spaces, skylights etc.

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