27th Jun 2021 @ 3:42 pm

Bathroom style has changed over recent years. In the recent past, pink tiles and luxury gold-ornamented bubble baths reflected a desire to prettify the bathroom experience and highlight the luxury of pampering yourself. Bathrooms were private places where nasty pongs and dirt were carefully wiped out of existence with perfume and prettiness.

Nowadays the emphasis is different. There’s still a priority on hygiene and cleanliness, of course, but these days it’s more about efficiency and an almost laboratory-style sterility. Modern bathrooms focus on sleek functionality, efficiency and a “wash-and-go” attitude towards modern life.

When luxury is embraced these days, it usually resembles the spas found in hotels and leisure centres, with the wealthy investing in wet rooms and en-suite walk-in showers. Despite this, most of us can still afford a shower that will give us a genuinely invigorating experience, and on Lanzarote, a decent shower is the first thing you need to stay fresh and invigorated.

Other strong influences on modern bathrooms come from overseas- that spa style didn’t arrive from nowhere. In many cases it may be based on Scandinavian saunas, Middle Eastern hammams or Japanese bathhouses. All these regions have deep and close relationships with water and cleanliness, all recognize the deep psychological satisfaction of cleanliness and relaxation, and all of them have influenced Western style.

Changing social attitudes also mean that families often share bathrooms, something that was unthinkable in the recent past. The modern bathroom may no longer be the most private place in the home, but it is still one of the most important.

That’s because every single day we use our bathroom to transform ourselves, to clean ourselves and make ourselves look and smell good, so that we can walk out into the world and face it feeling confident.

Your bathroom should reflect that transformation, and be a place where you feel absolutely at home. If you like long bubble baths, then that’s what you should have; if you like brisk, bracing showers and efficiency, then go for it. Don’t forget decoration and ambience – this is your safe zone – and turn your bathroom into the place you need it to be.