2nd Mar 2020 @ 12:50 pm

While it’s fun to fill your home with colourful flowers, there’s always a place for a subtle, understated symphony of green. It’s the shade that immediately transports you back to nature, calms your mind and soothes your soul. Here are a few favourites that anyone can keep.

Spider Plant

Such a cliche that it’s right back in fashion, the spider plant is a wonder, requiring minimal care yet thriving in the most unpromising surroundings. As happy hanging from a wall as sitting on a table, it’ll also raise your spirits with it’s variegated greenery and its habit of creating little spider plants.


The ficus family contains some of the most popular houseplants, such as the rubber plant, the fiddle-leaf fig and the creeping fig. All of them offer deep green, glossy leaves of varying sizes, and all of them are relatively easy to look after. They’re the perfect standalone plant for a living room.


Delicate ferns naturally live in shady areas and are thus perfect for places that don’t get much light, such as bathrooms or perhaps bedrooms. With gorgeously vivid colours and strangely seductive leaves, ferns such as the maidenhair have become global favourites.


These intriguing plants are Canarian through and through, available in local garden centres but not on local volcanoes (they’re protected). They like a bit of sun, but not too much, and thrive once you get the conditions right. They also offer lovely, fresh greens as well as colours that range from red to deep purple. Careful, though – aeoniums can become an obsession!