4th Oct 2021 @ 1:37 pm

Whether you’re dining, just taking the weight off for a few minutes or settling in for an extended session of binge-watching, you’ll be needing somewhere to park your backside.


Those of us who work at a table or desk will know the importance of choosing the right chair, and although laptops and tablets have now made it possible to work from an armchair, a sofa or even your bed, most of us will still choose something more supportive when it’s time to get to work.

Desk chairs are now standard for this type of work (as well as leisure activities such as video-gaming), and the range available is immense. However, you’ll probably need a chair that can be adjusted for height, as well as one that can swivel around, allowing you to readjust your viewpoint easily. Many of these chairs are also mounted on castors, allowing you to shift position and even scoot around on them.


You don’t need a desk chair to eat your dinner. In this case, all that is required is a firm, upright chair that fits at a dining table (meaning no armrests). Comfort is not the main priority here, as you won’t be seated for long enough to make it an issue, but the chair should support the back.

Above all, these chairs need to be attractive, as you’ll often have a number of them, depending on the size of your family or your social life. Traditional wooden chairs take a lot of beating, but if you’re really pushed for space, it may be worth looking into collapsible plastic or metal chairs, too.

Simple, reliable chairs are best here. It’s a good idea to go for quality, as you’ll often find yourself using decent chairs for other purposes – the pandemic has seen thousands of people choosing to work from a dining table.


Accent chairs are the halfway house between soft chairs such as armchairs and sofas, and firm, upright chairs. These chairs are where you or your friends might perch to have coffee with friends in your living room and, as they’ll be a central element of the room, you’ll want them to impress.

On Lanzarote it may be a good idea to buy fairly light, portable chairs in this style, which can be taken outside in fine weather.


Lanzarote lends itself it to eclectic design statements – you only have to visit César Manrique’s home in Tahiche or Haría to realise this – and chairs are no exception.

Wicker chairs are on-trend right now, and offer the perfect materials for Lanzarote’s natural indoor/outdoor lifestyles. Then there are hanging chairs, which are also seeing a huge revival.

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