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Work from home in comfort

The lockdowns of 2020 led many into working from home, and while most returned to work after the lockdowns were lifted, some found that the change suited them and chose to continue working from home.

Repurpose your life

Interior designers have taken TikTok by storm, sharing the tips and tricks of the trade. Videos of the interior designer influencers repurposing or “hacking” furniture have inspired millions of users to try it for themselves.

Spring into action

Lanzarote’s landscape will soon flourish with life. After the arid summer months and winter rains, the island changes its colours, representing the arrival of spring with summer soon to follow. Your home interior can follow suit as well.

Pandemic property reset

Spanish property sales are higher than they have been since before the 2007 financial crisis, and estate agents believe the coronavirus pandemic may have something to do with it.

The Canarian Palm

When you see the Latin word canariensis in the name of a plant or animal species, it indicates that it comes from the Canary Islands. In the next issues of Gazette Life, we’ll be looking more closely at some of these native species with the help of Francisco Bermejo, who is so committed to local plants that he named his garden landscaping business Canariensis.

Modelo 720 “Illegal”

The European Court of Justice confirmed that parts of Spain’s notorious Modelo 720 tax form were illegal recently, in a judgement that has been welcomed by the property and fiscal sector.