My Home

Bring it out!

This is the time of year every home owner on Lanzarote has been waiting for. This is when the sun will shine and continue to shine; when the four walls around you start to cage you in and force you into the glory outside; when we make the very most of the magnificent climate that most of us came here for.

What is a traspaso?

In the Spanish property sector, some words often go untranslated. here are a few you need to be aware of.

The Recycle of Life

Gardeners already know all about recycling – how old life gives way to and nourishes new life, but making the most of everything we use has never been so important as it is now. Here are a just a few tips for recycling household items in your garden. Once you start, though, you’ll see others every day.

Cool Neutrals

We’ve recently come to think of neutral colours as background – the setting against which more eye-catching contrasts can stand out, but maybe calm, relaxing shades are all we need in these turbulent times.

Where you can be you

Bathroom style has changed over recent years. In the recent past, pink tiles and luxury gold-ornamented bubble baths reflected a desire to prettify the bathroom experience and highlight the luxury of pampering yourself. Bathrooms were private places where nasty pongs and dirt were carefully wiped out of existence with perfume and prettiness.

Design matters

Garden design is not only vital for a thriving green space, It’s also fascinating, and there’s no better place to see how it works than Lanzarote.