14th Sep 2021 @ 10:57 am

Music is a way of life on Lanzarote, and if you love sweet sounds as much as you do cool interiors, it’s time to think about making it part of your living space.


Musical instruments are often so beautiful that they can become the central decorative element of a room. Pianos have certainly served that function for centuries, although they’re probably a big space commitment if you’re not planning to play them.

If you have a guitar, think about a decent stand that will make it an ornament in any room, but it’s also worth investigating the stringed instruments that are traditionally popular on these islands, from the little character-filled timple to the beautiful twelve-string bandurria. It’s also worth researching how they can be hung from a wall. Saxophones and brass instruments also offer a gleaming impression of sheer cool.

Smaller pieces worth considering include percussion instruments such as the African djembe drums and mbira (thumb pianos which can be found at local souvenir markets), Latin American bongos and congas and shekeres.


We’re now so used to listening to music through headphones on our phones or laptops that we may have forgotten what our favourite music sounds like in the real world, played through a decent pair of speakers.

Some still choose to have a classic old hi-fi system, although cables and the availability of streaming means this is now dying out fast. Instead, there is now an immense range of Wi-Fi speakers available in all shapes and sizes, that can be connected to a computer or phone, and you don’t even have to change the tune if you’ve got Siri or Alexa to do it for you.

Streaming, however, will never wipe out those who love the physical feeling of owning music, whether it’s in a neatly shelved CD collection, or the more cumbersome but undeniably cool stack of vinyl.

Vinyl records are still, perhaps, the format where musical product and visual art were combined to the most stunning effect, and if you’ve got some cool looking records, it’s well worth thinking of putting them on display.

Then there is the world of memorabilia – vintage concert posters, photos, magazine covers, T-shirts etc – all of which can be put on display, and already is in bars and restaurants all over the world.


When we think about music in our homes, we usually consider instruments or recordings, but there are other ways to bring agreeable sounds into your everyday life. They may not always fit the technical description of music, but they can have a very similar effect.

Water features are one of those things – the trickle or rush of running water can be extremely relaxing, and it’s just as easy to install a small fountain indoors as it is outside.

Wind chimes are another way that cultures all over the world have brought music to their lives. That random sound of tinkling glass or metal chimes or the sonorous wooden clunk of bamboo tubes also brings an unmistakeable ambience to your living space.

And, of course, if you’re lucky enough to live within earshot of the sea, or near one of those Lanzarote trees that attracts chirruping little finches, then you’ll have an enviable sonic dimension to your life.

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