4th Oct 2021 @ 2:04 pm

Although most of the weather Lanzarote receives is excellent, it makes sense to be prepared for anything.

Climate change is now accepted by consensus, with the only arguments remaining about whether us humans have created it or not. It´s too early to say what effect it´s having on Lanzarote´s weather, but ever since the unprecedented tropical storm of 2005, the island has been increasingly conscious of adverse weather conditions.

So far, a mild rise in overall temperature and an increase in calima dust storms seem to be the main symptoms, but the thing about climate change is that it can´t be predicted. And in a year such as this, when we´ve seen strange weather all over the world, that´s even more true than normal.

All this means that, despite the island’s generally sunny climate, making your home as tight as a drum is almost certainly a wise idea.

Wind, of course, is a fact of life on Lanzarote; parching heat is also frequent and downpours can occur more often than you might think – and when it rains on Lanzarote, you’ll certainly know about it.

Leaks on Lanzarote often happen, almost certainly because the prevailing fine, dry climate fools residents into thinking there’ll never be any serious rain. But although rain is scarce here, when it does happen it can be surprisingly heavy. It can also be one of the main causes of a problem many of us thought we’d left well behind us in wet, moist Britain- damp.

The solution is to ensure your roof is well waterproofed and guttered, and to treat external walls with waterproofing treatments. Adequate, thorough interior ventilation is also a strong protection against damp.

Window and door fittings should also be renovated to prevent the entry of both rain and unwanted draughts. While the traditional materials used on the island are wood, this will require frequent maintenance. Aluminium and plastic fittings have now proved to be far more durable and every bit as attractive.

Wind, sunlight and water aren’t the only things you might want to keep well under control on Lanzarote. Fireproofing is also a basic safety measure that most people with an interest in the future of their home will want to consider. This should be accompanied by a periodic thorough check of the wiring and electrics in the house for best effect.

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