2nd Mar 2020 @ 1:17 pm

You can keep wind and water out, make pets stay outside and ban kids, but you can’t protect your home against the passage of time. If you own or rent a property, you’ll want it to look good for as long as possible.

Future-proofing your home involves two aspects – the practical and the aesthetic. Practical matters are both the easiest and the hardest to prepare for: easiest because we should all know that it’s worth investing in long-lasting, durable features, rather than endlessly having to replace poor quality, cheap furniture; hardest because the future can surprise us in unpredictable ways, meaning that a property may suddenly find itself without wifi.

Some practical aspects will be impossible to plan for, just as certain wear and tear and breakages are unavoidable, but a smart homeowner will always allow for the possibility of change. Making homes “smarter”, with options for internet access everywhere; and greener, with new, eco-tested products, are trends that everyone should be preparing for.

Aesthetics is another matter, and highlights the existence of a two-track fashion system. First, there are those trendy items that bring joy and pleasure but which go out of style very quickly. Granite worktops, avocado bathrooms, shag carpets, futons and pastel furniture are all examples of looks that have had their heyday but are currently on the naughty step.

The other track is the classic one, and that’s the way to go. Here on Lanzarote take your cue from Spanish colonial style, and its simple functionality; or look at more modern adaptations of the Scandinavian style such as modern Dutch interior design, which is just as devoted to letting the light in, but brings a more personal, social vibe blended with understated subtlety.