1st Feb 2020 @ 6:00 am

Wrought iron balconies are one of the defining elements of Spanish colonial style.

Lanzarote’s relationship with walls is ancient and mystical. The original natives of the island are believed to have walled off areas of land to bury their dead, while boundaries were often marked off by small cairns of rock called mojones rather than walls.

Now, however, walls and fences are everywhere. Today, walls are more often used to provide privacy than mark off land. Many homes in urban areas will be located behind tall walls. Stone walls are also chosen for ornamental purposes – a direct reference to the island’s ancient past, and a ready made perfect habitat for lizards and beneficial insects.

Fences are more often used within exterior spaces, to delineate different areas of a garden, and they’re well worth considering if you have pets or even kids that need a hint about what’s out of bounds or not.

Fences and railings also provide safety, restricting areas like swimming pools that could be dangerous for children, or giving support on stairs and raised areas for people of all ages. However, when we look at our garden or patio, we don’t immediately tend to think of erecting fences or walls unless they’re absolutely necessary.

It’s a shame, because adding a fence can even make your outdoor space seem larger, and fences in materials such as steel or aluminium can last for ages and remain looking good, even providing visual echoes of the design scheme on your windows and balconies.