7th Jan 2020 @ 10:19 am

The world’s future needs a present-day commitment, and that’s as true of our homes as it is of every other aspect of our lives. There are five things to bear in mind when decorating your home.


An energy efficiency rating is now legally required for any house sale in the EU, but it’s also something to take into account with every appliance you buy. Higher rates appliances may cost more, but usually pay for themselves in energy savings over a short amount of time.

Low Impact

This relates to the material, manufacture and transport of furniture. Almost everything on Lanzarote arrives in a shipping container, but there’s already a lot of stuff here which can be recycled and re-used. Go local wherever possible, and try and consider the carbon footprint of the items you’re buying.

Waste Free

Fashion is at the heart of interior design, but we’re becoming more and more aware of the devastating impact today’s high-turnover consumer lifestyles are causing.

The solutions can involve upcycling (adapting old items into new ones) and adoption of more minimal, simpler lifestyles.

Endure and Adapt

Long-lasting furniture is not only more environmentally friendly, it’s cheaper in the long run, too. Maintenance of materials such as wood and wicker also helps them last longer.

Buy items with more than one use, and make sure you use them well.


We’re becoming more and more conscious of the health aspects of the things we bring into our homes. The health impact of plastics, flame retardants in mattresses and furniture, noise and even the effects of light from blue screens are all aspects that we should plan for.