21st Jan 2022 @ 12:02 pm

Living room bars have been on the backburner of interior design for some time, and 2022 is the year that they make a comeback into our homes.

Home bars were an invention of the 1950s, and you would be able to find them in most homes at the time. They fell out of popularity in the 70s as pub and nightclub socialisation were on the up.

Since then the most popular place to find your favourite tipple would be the kitchen, either sitting in a cupboard or the fridge, not on display.

Our living rooms are where we spend the most time, aside from our bedrooms, and where we entertain when we have friends over. It’s important when being a host to provide your guests with adequate refreshments and snacks. That’s where living room bars come into play.

Not only can living room bars be a great way to fill unused space, but they’re a great way to display your very best bottles and glasses.

Living room bars can be a great way to fill an alcove in your living room, making the space feel more complete. Alternatively you can find a bar cabinet, or portable bar trolley to wheel out on special occasions.

Before you start imagining your living room bar, you’ll need to do some planning.

You’ll need to know the dimensions of your living room, the dimension of the space that the bar will be going into, the purpose of the bar along with whether you want the bar fixed or mobile.

It’s important to take colour into account too, finding a bar that matches the accent colours of your living room is ideal.

After you’ve found the perfect bar, then its time to organise your barware. It’s important to remember that your bar supplies don’t stop at just bottles and glasses.

If you’re going to host then you’ll need the appropriate equipment.


1. Shaker

2. Stirrer

3. Strainer

4. Measuring cups


1. Wine glasses & decanter

2. Champagne flutes

3. Whiskey glasses

4. Shot glasses

5. A beer glass or larger wine glass for bottled beer

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