2nd Dec 2021 @ 1:53 pm

Christmas is when life seems to come full circle. The cycle of another year comes to an end, the new one is about to start rolling, and we gather around with friends and family to celebrate the ever-turning, never-changing wheel of life’s seasons.

Last year, the Gazette’s resident craft enthusiast Bev showed us how to make an elf. This year, she’s been tinkering away to create a fantastic and unique Christmas hoop – the perfect centre-piece for any room at this time of year, and a wonderful symbol of the way we join hands in joy at this time of year.

All the stuff Bev used is available cheaply at craft shops or the larg er Chinese stores. You’ll need:

– A hula hoop (look for coloured ones, and plan your Christmas balls and tinsel around this colour choice)

– A solid wooden block about 25 cms x 15 cms

– Green ribbon wire (ribbon with wire inserted. Florist shops also stock flower arranging wire, which can also be used)

– Christmas balls (about 20)

– Tinsel

– Strings of silver beads

-Fairy lights

-Duct tape

The first part is perhaps the mostdifficult – fixing the hoop to the wooden block. Bev used duct tape to fix the hoop firmly.

Next she wrapped silver beads around the arrangement allowing them to hang down to support the Christmas balls.

The garland on the right was created with wired green ribbon. Bev threaded about ten Christmas balls onto the wire, then carefully wrapped it around the right-hand side of the hoop. After that she added tinsel to the areas where it was needed. Then it was time to decorate the base. Bev used two types of tinsel for this, completely covering the plain wooden base. The double-sided sellotape she used for this was the only adhesive of any kind she used in the project.

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