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Garden safety

Scorching sunshine, spikes, blistering sap and sharp edges, gardening on Lanzarote can sometimes resemble an extreme sport. Here’s how to stay safe out there...

Manrique’s Fish

Among César Manrique’s most popular works are the series of fish he created in the mid80s, a project that reflected a lifelong fascination with the marine world.

Let there be light!

As the nights gradually draw in on Lanzarote and the clocks go back at the end of this month, it may be time to rethink your lighting.

Sofa, so good

Sofas, settees, couches... they’re all the same thing, but the idea behind them has always been changing gradually, and it still is.

Hang it up

What to hang on a white Lanzarote wall? The answer is: pretty much anything you like.

After the pandemic

We were all forced to stay at home for weeks during the pandemic, but two years on, how did that confinement affect the way we see our living space?