25th Jun 2021 @ 7:42 pm

While we’re hoping that tourists will flock back to the island soon, many of us are also waiting for the chance to get back home to see family and friends at long last. If you’re leaving your property unattended this summer, it’s time to check your security arrangements.

Lanzarote is a safe island with low levels of crime, but break-ins still happen, and vacant properties are one of the main targets, for obvious reasons. And one thing’s for sure, there’s nothing that’s guaranteed to ruin your return more than a burglary.

If you’re leaving you could ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property, but don’t ask too much of them. They’re your friends, not security guards, and this should always be an extra level of deterrence to the measures you already have in place. If you want a watch[1]person, hire a property management company to keep an eye for you.

Put yourself in a burglar’s shoes and ask yourself how you’d break into your property. If there are areas where a thief can hide and work at a break in, think about opening them up to public view. Lighting is extremely useful. Install a few automatic security lights outside your property and make sure they’re on at night time. Programmes that switch on indoor lights randomly are worth thinking about, but are only really effective against casual burglars. Luckily, most burglars are casual opportunists.

Around 30% of burglars enter through an WHILE YOU’RE GONE insecure door or window, so ensuring that these elements in your house are absolutely rock-solid is a priority. The fewer opportunities you give to burglars, the safer you’ll be.

Make sure all windows are fitted with strong locks and invest in tough aluminium shutters for extra security. As for doors, you’ll want double or triple locks, and a roller blind may add real peace of mind.

Cacti and agave plants are great for making areas beneath windows inaccessible to thieves, but this is a measure that you shouldn’t rely on – and one which may limit your own enjoyment of the property. You should also be aware that deterrent methods such as broken glass on walls are likely to be illegal in Spain.

Finally, get an alarm. Alarm systems are now more economical and more intelligent than ever before. Make sure potential intruders know you’re alarmed – it’s always better to deter burglars than catch them in the act.

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