6th Sep 2020 @ 12:13 pm

“The September boom” is well known in the fitness industry. The end of the summer holidays signifies the start of a new year in so many ways, with the return to schools and colleges and a new sense of beginnings and plans for the future.

In fact, fitness-wise, there could hardly be a worse time for a 6ew Year than January 1st, which comes after a solid week of feasting and is celebrated with more excess. September, in contrast allows us to plan ahead with a clear, determined mind and a realistic view of the future. You’ve got months to get into a groove that suits you, and when you do, Christmas will be far easier to hurdle.

In most jobs, the arrival of September brings stability and predictability. You know exactly what youll be doing most weeks until Christmas, and probably long afterwards. Barring unforeseen circumstances such as childbirth, deaths, house moves, job changes or a global pandemic, you know what’s ahead of you, and you can plan, week-by-week.

So draw up a plan. A good one is one in which every week looks much like the others, with at least two or three sessions sketched in for every week. An even better one is one where activity increases over the year as you reach more and more goals on your journey to fitness.

Be realistic. Allow yourself some respite on holidays such as Christmas, and don’t punish yourself if you miss a session or two. The important thing to do is to get back on track and stay there. The longer you maintain your routine, the more possibilities will open up to you.

Your plan will require goals, and to achieve them you’ll need discipline. Some of the most effective goals can be found on the screen of a set of decent scales, so make sure you’ve got one of those.

The benefits of fitness

Discipline is harder to instill in yourself, but you need to try – and carrot is always better than stick when it comes to getting you going. Not that anyone enjoys eating raw carrots, of course, but it is worth focusing on the immediate and not so immediate benefits of a fitness routine:

Healthier mind:

You’ll just feel better, for a start. That post-workout buzz is a chemically-proven high, and the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing is also a real boost to self-esteem. Exercise can also provide wonderful opportunities for meditation and mindfulness.

Healthier body:

Of course, you’ll be physically more healthy – able to work or play more easily for longer, with your body working as it’s meant to do. The return of stamina and strength can be one of the most motivating factors in fitness.

Healthier life:

On Lanzarote, you’ll be enjoying the exhilarating beauty of the island’s outdoor spaces, and this is an island where it’s an absolute pleasure to pursue a better diet. There’s no better time than September to change your eating habits, because the island is full of fruit at its succulent, ripe best.

Healthier social life:

You can do exercise alone, but it’s a lot easier when you have a like minded friend or gang to join you. The professionalism and expertise of personal trainers and fitness instructors will also offer advantages you’d never discover alone. Most importantly of all, your will to stay fit will be appreciated by those who love and care for you.