25th Jun 2020 @ 11:07 am

The “new normality” of social distancing and disinfecting promises to bring big changes to the beauty sector, where close one-to-one contact has always been essential. So how will we pamper ourselves in the future?

First published in Gazette Life, June 1st 2020.

Beauty salons and spas are facing up to life after lockdown by considering several measures that are aimed at preserving the luxurious nature of treatments while guaranteeing the highest possible standards of safety.

Appointments will become more important, and be staggered in order to avoid queues in waiting areas. Appointments may also require signed declarations that one is free from infection, and there’s a good chance that spot temperature checks or other tests that may become available will be compulsory before any session.

Face masks are certain to become a part of beauty treatments, and may indeed be legally required for many of them, both for clients and the practitioner. Even where not required, they are likely to be offered as an option to customers.

The sharp, chemical smell of hydro-alcoholic hand sanitiser is already becoming associated with post-lockdown life. However, the only reason sanitisers are used is because they are quicker and easier than washing your hands with soap and water then drying them.

Soap to the rescue

Soap still remains more effective at killing the coronavirus, and soft, scented soaps and gels are likely to become an even more important element of our private lives and those places we go for luxury and relaxation.

At the moment, initial research in Spain shows that swimming pools are fairly safe when it comes to contagion. However, there is little research on jacuzzis, thermal baths and saunas , and we’re likely to have to wait for a while before these are fully opened again. Dressing rooms are another area where antivirus measures are likely to be very strongly imposed.

What that means is that many beauty salons may start to follow the example of restaurants and offer home massages or treatments, which will reassure clients.