11th Aug 2020 @ 10:24 am

Trends and tips for 21st Century interior design on Lanzarote.

Esmeralda González, owner of EG Interiorismo lanzarote, is an interior designer with a distinct and committed vision. Working closely with clients to bring optimal results is the foundation stone of her work, but on an island where she is often called to design holiday rental apartments, function, beauty and space are also paramount concepts.

Esmeralda says that trends on Lanzarote are changing to reflect a commitment to more sustainable lifestyles, and that this is being reflected by architects and designers. Hand-in-hand with this is a society in which the image is becoming allimportant for marketing – another aspect that designers must take into account.

Here are three tips from Esmeralda:

The new can coexist with the old

We have a tendency to get rid of everything that is old, However, on many occasions seasonal items can be kept and combined with antique or vintage pieces that will provide us with experiences, history and personality points. For example, wood restoration always adds character to any environment.

Less is more

We must be aware of which items are best for our lifestyle, our living room or our bedroom. One formula that never fails is selecting the right furniture, made from well-chosen and high quality materials. Focusing on quality rather than quantity will avoid making an environment seem stuffy or cluttered.

No plastic

At the moment there is a global cultural movement against plastic. It has reached right into our homes, and even affects our choice of decorative elements. And it is a choice, an active decision to use recycled materials that do not damage our environment. Awareness is important, but it’s no use unless we translate it into action.