15th Oct 2020 @ 8:15 am

With humans, it may be what’s inside that matters, but no one cares how golden-hearted your exterior facades are – they need to be gorgeous and they need to do their job well – that’s all that matters.

Here are some of the materials you need to get to know:


It’s no wonder glass is so popular – nothing else gives the same amount of light, space, modernity and – nowadays – safety. Sure, it needs cleaning but the result is always worth the expense. Whether it’s a bathroom or a balcony, glass brings class.


The word “metal” is about as specific as the word “wood” – it describes a huge range of materials with an even greater range of finishes. Still, as you’re unlikely to be covering your house with gold or copper, let’s focus on steel and aluminium, both of which have different qualities, and both of which are the very best at what they do.

You want strength, solid classy looks and durability? Go for steel; light, rust-free sturdiness and adaptability? Aluminium’s for you.


Plastic has transformed the way we live, and that goes for our homes, too, with synthetic products that are unbeatable in terms of adaptability, flexibility, insulation and looks.


Although it’s often associated with brutalist 60s and 70s buildings, concrete is still widely used for perfectly good reasons. It can be moulded into almost any shape, gives insulation and long-lasting finishes and can be finished in all sorts of ways.


Wood was once the standard material for doors and windows here on Lanzarote, and while other materials beat it for toughness and price, there are still those who value the unmatched craftsmanship of a master carpenter and, of course, the most gorgeously natural material there is.