18th Jun 2020 @ 11:51 pm

This summer on Lanzarote it’s time to get back to basics. There’ll be few tourists, no fiestas and very little of anything else, but there’ll be plenty of sun, sand, sea and clean fresh air – the things this island does best of all.

After a year or two on the island, many of us start to forget why we fell in love with it in the first place. All of a sudden we realise we can’t remember the last time we spread a towel out on the beach, found sand in our pockets or closed our eyes and tasted an ice cream while the sun turns our eyelids luminous orange.

But if social life is going to be limited on Lanzarote this summer, why not make up for it by getting yourself into really stunning shape. It’s all about activity, eating well, and some tender, loving care.

Get Moving

The first rule is to stay active. Grab a surf board or a boogie board and get into the sea; take a hike along the coastline, join a tennis or paddle club, start some serious garden chores. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do a lot of it and work up a sweat once in a while.

Lacking motivation? Remember how you felt at the beginning of the school summer holidays when you were little – now try and recreate that sense of glorious opportunity, that yearning for golden, endless summer days.

Eat Right

Summer is a time to burn calories. Rule number one, however, is to stay hydrated, and that doesn’t just mean carrying a plastic bottle around with you all the time – get some of your moisture from fresh fruit and vegetables, and you’ll find energy, vitamins and minerals come as a free gift – and it’s those things that will give you the lustrous skin, the bright eyes and the energy to feel and look your summer best.

Protect Yourself

Lanzarote’s fierce summer deserves your respect as well as your worship. Sun protection is a simple must here if you’re going to stay healthy – always remember that an understated healthy glow is better than an angry red burn – and not just in terms of looks.

Hair can often have a tough time in summer, with UV rays, sea salt, chlorine and shampoo stripping it of nutrients. Take time to nourish and condition your hair, and keep it wrapped up and under cover in the worst conditions. Wear a swim cap in the water and a sunhat out of it, and choose a mild, gentle shampoo

Eyes and Smiles

Another vital piece of kit is a good pair of sunglasses. Forget the cheapo ones at the supermarkets – they won’t do your eyes any favours at all – and go for a designer set instead. Ask your optician about what’s available – you’ll be amazed at how far sunglasses technology has progressed.

Get teeth polished or even whitened so that you’re guaranteed a brilliant smile as you hit the summer shores, and it’s never the wrong time to book a rejuvenating, luxuriant beauty session.