18th Jan 2021 @ 11:45 am

There’s never a bad time to begin natural, healthier eating, but why not hit the ground running and head into 2021 as you mean to continue, by discovering delicious, fresh food that also does you good.

One of the most inevitable news items of the lockdown was that sales of luxury snacks had risen. This wasn’t just the case in the UK, but also in Spain, where a nation spent six weeks sat on their culos in front of the TV eating crisps and chorizo.

The result was utterly predictable, and many of us are still wearing the resulting lockdown lard. So now, more than any other year, it’s time to direct ourselves towards healthier and kinder food alternatives.

By healthy, we don’t necessarily mean low-calorie. We’re looking at foods that are lower in saturated fats, salt, sugar, processed carbs and contaminants. By kinder, we’re simply asking that you think a little harder about where your meat, eggs and dairy products come from, and how your other foods are produced.

Here on Lanzarote, there’s now a section of our society that is committed to producing good, ecologically supportable food, and it’s growing all the time. One of the interesting things about this movement is that meat-free alternatives almost seem like an afterthought – vegetarian and vegan dishes are so good, that you may not even notice.

Just buy a firm, fresh Lanzarote-produced sweet potato from the market, take it home and peel it. The fragrance you release is so earthy and natural it’s like digging into fresh soil, and the flavour of the cooked root is as good as you’ll find anywhere on this planet.

Here are a couple of vegan recipes that are so full of flavour that you won’t miss meat or dairy at all. One has a far eastern touch, while the other is an Indian classic – hinting at the way international influences have arrived on Lanzarote, where they are welcomed and combined with fantastic local ingredients.