1st Feb 2020 @ 6:00 am

Pet Soul is a recently-opened pet shop in Playa Blanca, and once you enter you’ll immediately understand why it’s named. This is a place with empathy, heart and plenty of soul.

“I always go to pet shops when I’m on holiday,” says Dusana, whose name actually means “soul” in Slovakian, “I like to see what’s available, and think about what I could do with things.” Now, however, Dusana’s got her own pet shop, where she can put all that enthusiasm to good effect.

Tucked away behind the Tiki Bar opposite the Super Dino supermarket on C/Peña, Pet Soul has already made its mark on Playa Blanca. “I opened in September, and already have all types of clients, who come from all over the world and own all sorts of animals,” Dusana says, “I’ve had to offer advice and help on bats and tiny mice. Nothing is strange for me” she smiles.

It’s that passion for animals that drives Dusana and is the motivating force behind Pet Soul. This is a shop where you’ll find things you never knew existed, such as hedgehog food, edible rabbit hutches made of hay, or sand baths for gerbils and hamsters.

Pet Soul also offers sessions of homeotherapy for pets, and stages regular nutrition workshop to address your pet’s dietary requirements. A professional pet grooming service is also available for dogs and cats, and can make a real difference to your pet’s comfort and happiness in a climate such as Lanzarote’s, as well as make them look adorable!

Personalised dream catchers are also on sale, and you can commission a personal painting of your pet from the artist Philip Royle, or even have a T-shirt printed with your pet on it.

Apart from a couple of merrily chirping lovebirds, Dusana doesn’t actually stock pets, and is fully committed to adoption of new animals, offering support to the animal support charities on the island.

Pet Soul opens from 10-2 and 4-8 Monday to Friday and 10-2 on Saturdays. Subscribe to the shop’s lively Facebook page @petsoulpb for offers, events and plenty of fantastic animal photos.