2nd Dec 2021 @ 11:52 am

Christmas is about sleek, gleaming looks that hint at wealth, and deep, rich shades that suggest luxury and indulgence. The festive party season is a time to try out bold looks, dramatic styles and, above all, to shimmer and shine.

The festive party season on Lanzarote lasts for weeks, and is a time when the island’s blend of casual cool and sleek glamour can be combined for stunning effect. If you’re heading out for a Christmas party, here are a few ideas.

Super-chic hair.

The key to Christmas hair is getting the balance right between style and informality. Christmas can be exhausting, so maintenance is important and means that this isn’t a time when overly formal hairdos are advisable.

You’ll certainly benefit from an appointment with your hairdresser in the days before the holiday, and he or she can advise you on products and styles that will carry you through the holidays with your head held high.

Christmas is also a long enough holiday to allow you to take a chance. If you’ve even fancied colouring your hair, or having a drastically different cut, you’ll have a couple of weeks to get used to it.

Glittery eyes.

If there’s one time when you can make a sparkly statement, it’s Christmas. A bold swipe of glitter will be sure to wow the party, and is also a quick, easy look. Be sure to use cosmetic glitter, and not the stuff kids glue onto their Christmas cards, and keep the rest of your face understated, allowing your eyes to be the main event.

Cat Eye.

The cat eye is one of the hottest looks of the year, and we’ll be seeing a lot of it this Christmas. It’s all about elongating the eyelid with an elegant touch of eyeliner – as simple and sophisticated as Chinese calligraphy. The resulting effect works with all types of looks, but simple and stunning is the best option.

Bold Colour.

Christmas is full of rich, vivid reds, lustrous golds and deep, natural greens, so why not take inspiration from the festive season and add even more bold colours to your Christmas party makeup? Satiny deep blues bring depth and luxury to the party, and a dusting of silver adds a flicker of finery.

Nail it!

Here’s somewhere where you can really make a splash. A manicure is essential at Christmas, (and on Lanzarote a pedicure is also a great idea), but nail decorating gives a real chance to have fun and cause a stir.

Don’t make it too festive – Santa or reindeer nails are a bit much, but do think about the luscious, rich Christmas colours that symbolise the season. Vibrant crimsons, plummy purples, sapphire blues and even bottle greens are all worth considering, as are pale, frosty whites and pinks. But the vital element is, of course, sparkle. Make sure those nails flash and glimmer in the candlelight or under the mirror ball.

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