13th Aug 2021 @ 2:50 pm

Sunglasses are a year-round Lanzarote essential, but the sheer intensity of August’s sunshine means that you’ll need them more than ever this month. Here’s a guide to what’s on trend right now.


Sport and fitness is a huge influence on current eyewear trends, and nowhere is that more true than on Lanzarote, where almost every Ironman and Ironwoman sports a pair of light, durable, often reflective goggles.

The sport influence is also behind the metallic tinted lenses that can be seen in various colours all over the island, but there are many more styles available. Look for anti-impact glasses with tough arms and a firm fit, and polarized lenses will give runners, cyclists and sailors a better view of what’s ahead.


Retro shades are more popular than ever, as we see the return of 50s cats-eye frames, 70s aviators and the enormous frames that were popular in the 80s. However, you need to be sure that fashion frames are going to give you value for money, and this is where the cheap shades that are available in souvenir shops and Chinese bazaars can come in useful, allowing you to try a style for a few days before splashing out on a decent pair.


Lanzarote knows its eyewear brands, and its not just famous fashion names like Tommy Hilfiger, Missoni, Prada and but specialist eyewear companies like Police, Ray-Ban, Persol and Oakley that will catch the eye on Lanzarote. Spain knows all about stylish sunglasses, and there are also several fantastic domestic Spanish fashion brands that are well worth discovering, such as Hawkers and Etnia.


Usually associated with aviator styles in the past, mirrored glasses are now available in all styles as well as a variety of tints, from ice blue to orange and yellow. These are shades that look great in photos, and offer the wearer a hint of untouchable allure. Mirrors are one of the hottest trends for this summer, so why not reflect on buying a pair?



Sunglasses are essential for driving on Lanzarote, and you’ll find that more than one pair are useful. A dark pair is necessary when driving directly into sunshine in the morning or evening, but can limit vision at other times of day, when a lighter pair will be more useful. Choose larger frames or closer-fitting glasses, so that your field of vision is not interrupted, and go for polarised lenses where possible.


Light is reflected from the sea, from pools, from Lanzarote’s white buildings and from pale sand, and the glare can damage your vision as well as being uncomfortable. In these situations, polarized lenses are recommended.


If you use smartphones or laptops a lot in bright conditions, polarised lenses might not be the best fit. Anti-glare coverings are useful, but should really be reserved for untinted glasses.


If you wear prescription glasses and can’t get on with contact lenses, clip-on lenses can be extremely useful, and may be a cheaper alternative to ordering tinted prescription lenses. Ask your optician for recommendations.

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