2nd Dec 2021 @ 12:15 pm

At Christmas, setting a table becomes a necessity, and a perfectly-prepared dining table is one of the most Christmassy sights imaginable. Here’s how to make yours work…


Here on Lanzarote, the bright sunshine and airy atmosphere means you can afford to experiment with the colour scheme for your Christmas table.

Rich greens and reds are fine, but you can also get away with bold choices that aren’t usually associated with the season, such as vivid oranges, yellows and pinks. Blue is also worth considering – it’s not the most Christmassy of colours, but it’s absolutely brilliantly suited to Lanzarote, reflecting sky, sea and the boats and doorways of the islands coasts.

There’s a tendency to overdo things at Christmas, but remember that minimal, simple colour schemes can also be devastatingly effective. One deep green, for example, teamed with creamy white, or a deep blue and silver scheme.


You don’t have to dig out the same old table linen you use year after year for Christmas. Shop for table runners and placemats that suit your colour scheme or, if you have the time and a sewing machine, head to one of Arrecife’s fabric shops and choose a length of material that suits your style.

Be sure to starch and iron your table linen for maximum effect.

Local Colour

Take a trip to the craft markets in Haría on Saturday mornings, or the Monumento del Campesino to find charming local decorations for a Christmas table, such embroidery, lace and the island’s typical rosettes. You’re also sure to find crafts on sale at the markets in Teguise on Sunday and other special Christmas events. Keep your eyes peeled!


You’ve perhaps already got an occasional set of cutlery and crockery for Christmas, but if not it’s time to go shopping. You’ll need knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons at the very least, as well as plates, sideplates, soup bowls and perhaps matching sauce containers and a gravy boat.

Glass is very important. All glass is reflective and will gleam in candlelight, but cut glass and crystal will increase the sparkle. More important than this is having the right glasses. Flutes or coupes for champagne, goblets for wine and some taller glasses for soft drinks or water.


Dancing candle flames are essential for an indoor Christmas meal, and there are so many varieties to choose from. Avoid scented candles on a dining table, however, as their fragrance may compete with the food itself.

Natural Elements

Flowers and greenery add a natural touch to Christmas tables, and make an ideal centrepiece for any table, so make a date with your florist before the big day.

Brexit Cracker Threat!

Christmas crackers are a British and Irish tradition – hardly anyone else in Europe knows the joys of wearing silly paper hats, reading out terrible jokes and receiving a disappointing plastic toy.

But this year you may need to spend more if you want to enjoy the annual cracker ritual.

Crackers contain gunpowder and are classed as pyrotechnics. As most are manufactured in Britain, they are no longer covered by an EU directive permitting their export.

All British crackers will now have to be labelled with the importers name and address, a process that will lead to higher costs.

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