6th May 2020 @ 9:58 pm

The classic and delicious Middle Eastern dip is more popular than ever, thanks to the popularity of vegan lifestyles. And although it’s not traditional to Spain, it’s easy to make with locally available ingredients, and a perfect, healthy light lunch.


One 570g jar chickpeas (garbanzos)

3 tbspns tahini (available in health food shops)

Juice of one large lemon

Two cloves of garlic

3 tbsps virgin olive oil

Salt, pimentón, extra virgin olive oil


Jarred chickpeas are so much easier for making hummus, but if you want to do it the long way, soak 250g of chickpeas overnight then simmer for 2 hours or pressure cook for 15-20 minutes. Drain, reserving the liquid (aquafaba).

With jarred chickpeas, simply drain and rinse the chick peas well in a colander. Don’t keep the liquid.

Add the chickpeas, tahini, oil, half the lemon juice and a clove of garlic to a bowl.

With a stick blender start to blend the hummus. Pause to taste every few seconds, adding salt, more garlic and lemon juice to your liking. If it’s too thick, add some cold water/aquafaba.

Serve in a bowl, with a drizzling of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of pimentón.

Don’t forget to prepare flatbreads, sticks of carrot and cucumber, celery stalks, tacos, breadsticks etc for dipping.


Add half a cooked beetroot or some roasted peppers to the chickpeas before blending. A couple of tablespoons of yoghurt also add an interesting flavour, while half a teaspoon of toasted cumin seeds will bring real Middle Eastern fragrance.