2nd Mar 2020 @ 11:38 am

Get mashed potatoes right, and give them an attractive appearance with your own home-made natural green food colouring, which separates chlorophyll (the natural green pigment) from spinach.


Mashed Potatoes:

1 kilo of potatoes

120 ml of milk

3 tbspns of cream

3 tbspns of butter, diced

A pinch of salt and pepper

Natural green colouring:

0.3 kilos of spinach

100 ml of water


First prepare your natural food colouring: Use a blender to combine the spinach and water (2 mins). Use a fine, 100% cotton tea towel to strain the liquid into a bowl. This liquid will contain all the chlorophyll proteins. Discard what remains in the teatowel.

Place your green liquid into a saucepan and heat it up. The chlorophyll will solidify on top of your liquid. DON’T let this liquid boil or it’ll destroy the chlorophyll.

Turn the heat off and strain your liquid again, using a fresh cotton tea towel. This time the chlorophyll will remain in the tea towel (discard the strained liquid). Put the green colouring to one side.

Boil the potatoes (if you leave the skin on at this stage you’ll have more potato taste and find the spuds easier to peel after boiling) until they are cooked, at least 20 min.

Once they are cooked, peel them and put them into a saucepan. Use a masher or a ricer to mash them, adding the cream, the milk and the diced butter as you do so (Never use a stick blender to mash potatoes or you’ll end up with glue).

Add chopped parsley and a teaspoon of your chlorophyll paste to your mashed potato to have a perfect dish for St. Patrick’s Day!