18th Nov 2020 @ 11:46 am

Christmas 2020 is on its way, and its certain to be a more subdued season than usual. There may be sadness, but there’ll also be comfort in the old traditions, and decorating your home is one of those traditions.

If anyone ever doubts that decor can lift your mood, just point to Christmas. Tinsel, garlands, ribbons and candles serve no practical purpose apart from filling you with joy. Here’s some tips to remember as you get ready…

Don’t decorate too early

Wait till December, but make sure you do put time aside to do it. Decorating a home for the holiday should be one of those pleasurable pre-Christmas activities, best carried out with children, some carefully-chosen music and maybe a mince pie or two

Prepare the ground

There’s more to Christmas decoration than just chucking tinsel at everything in sight. Take a good look at your living space and think about where decorations will be most effective. Put items away for a few weeks if you need to make space for decorations, and try to avoid a cluttered sensation.

Think of a theme

Decide on a theme and stick to it – it could be a colour combination such as gold and purple; it could be shapes such as stars or angel wings, it could be twinkling fairy lights or candles and tea lights, but take time to make a statement.

Less is more

Think in terms of a centrepiece and you won’t have to do much more. That centrepiece can involve candlelight, sparkle and rich, deep colour, but it will be the star of the show if you do it right. All you need is a few supporting accents and echoes around the home.

Remember where you are

There’s no snow, robins or holly on Lanzarote. But there weren’t in Bethlehem, either, and somehow they still managed to get Christmas done. Instead of trying to recreate those cosy northern Christmases where roaring fires offer refuge from the icy darkness outside, fling the windows and doors open and let Lanzarote’s fresh air flood in.

Cacti, olive trees, Canarian pines and palms can all stand in for a tree, and there are plenty of other decorative elements you can pick up around the island.

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