24th Sep 2020 @ 10:52 am

Local poet John Leppard started thinking about time during the lockdown. Here’s the result:


Time can be a lifespan, or a number on a clock,
It can also be a sentence for a prisoner in the dock.
Time passes by so swiftly, when having fun with friends,
But with boredom every minute never ends.

Time cannot come fast enough, when we’re green in years,
But when we’re in our dotage it ranks high among our fears,
In middle-age we fight it with cosmetics or the gym,
Unlike our waistline, odds of beating it are slim.

Our face reflected every day, never seems to age,
But clearly looks much younger on a photo album’s page,
You see, The ‘Wrinkle Fairy’ visits us every single night,
She is Time’s special messenger, from whom there is no fight