Supermarket Sweep

Until 10 years ago, the supermarket scene on Lanzarote was dominated by locally[1]owned chains Spar and Hiperdino. However, demonstrations against high prices and alleged price-fixing brought a change in the law which permitted new operators to arrive.

Shades of summer

Sunglasses are a year-round Lanzarote essential, but the sheer intensity of August's sunshine means that you'll need them more than ever this month. Here's a guide to what's on trend right now.

Dress to impress

The Spanish have a very modern outlook on the subject of clothing. They are a smart bunch and would not be seen walking around the town in swimwear, so leave that for the beach! Small villages away from the resorts are more traditional so be aware when entering a holy place like a church as bikini tops and the like are frowned upon.

Bully for you

Lanzarote Vet Jane Burke talks about the dynamics of bullying between pets and their owners.

Bonito Listado

The tuna you get in tins is usually skipjack tuna, known here as bonito listado. But on Lanzarote the fresh fish, line- caught locally, is available right now at incredible prices.

The Crucial Test

Lanzarote in August will be a testing ground, as British and Irish tourists finally start to return at a time when the delta variant is gaining ground throughout Europe.