Escalivada in Catalan means “cooked on the heat of charcoal”, and this tasty side dish of succulent roasted vegetables is a Catalan speciality, traditionally cooked in ashes or over a barbecue. If you can cook your veggies over this type of heat source your escalivada will have a delicious smoky flavour, However, if you don’t have the means to cook them like this, then an oven that cooks at 180° is fine.

Teguise – The Living Past

Tour guide David Penney takes us on an easy stroll through the history of Lanzarote's ancient capital, Teguise.

Craftsmanship in a bottle

This month, Lanzarote will begin its wine harvest – the earliest to take place anywhere in Europe. Grapes will be picked from more than a thousand plots located all over the island: in back gardens, in the craters of volcanos, in the bizarre landscape of La Geria and in the malpais (badlands) of the north.

Lanzarote Wine Guide

Look north from the La Geria bodega to the horizon and you'll see an unending sea of volcanic ash and gravel, dotted with the horse-shoe shaped walls that are the hallmark of this landscape and stretching towards the mystical volcanoes in the distance.

The perfect match

Maridaje (marriage) is a much more evocative term for combining wine with food than the English word “pairing”. And on an island where wine is a way of life, it's also taken seriously. It's not a science, however, and the rules are more like suggestions. The important thing is that you make your own connections.

A holiday in a glass

Lanzarote does at least two things brilliantly: tourism and wine, and recently the two have been coming together like never before. Wine is now joining sun, sand and sea as one of the reasons to visit this amazing little island.