Witching Hour

Halloween offers the opportunity to dress up a bit and let out your inner demon, but even in Spain and Lanzarote, spooky, striking looks have increasingly become more mainstream, and can be worn all year round.


It's worth preparing the main ingredient in advance for this unique Halloween cocktail, which can be prepared in unsweetened and sweet, creamy versions.

Renewing your driving licence

If you’re a British national resident on Lanzarote, you should now have exchanged your UK driving licence for a Spanish one. You may also have learned that rules for renewing a driving licence in Spain are different than in the UK, and these apply to all drivers.

A stressful summer

Lanzarote vet jane burke talks about the distressing criminal acts that she and her dogs have suffered this summer.

La Graciosa: Where time stands still

La Graciosa is one of the highlights of anybody's trip to Lanzarote, but it's worth planning it an advance.

Lanzarote hit by mega-tsunami!

A Spanish/Portuguese research team has discovered evidence of massive prehistoric mega-tsunamis on Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. They believe the gigantic waves were caused by immense ancient landslides, when flanks of islands collapsed into the sea.