Hoop Dreams

C.D. Magec Tías Contra la Violencia de Género is the full name of Lanzarote’s premier female basketball side, the first one to compete in a national league. Since 2017, the women from Tías have played in Spain’s Feminine League 2. We spoke to their coach, and 2020’s star signing at the Sports Pavilion in Tías recently.

Rosemary and garlic roast potatoes

Roasties are an essential element of every Christmas dinner. Here’s two ways to get them bang on, with a real herb flavour. British taste usually prefers the spuds to be floury, but it’s worth trying this recipe with local papas bonitas or papas negras – they cost a little more, but the flavour is worth it.

The light you need for Christmas

As we reach the shortest days of the year, one ingredient is sure to keep you youthful and feeling good. Vitamin C is for Christmas. By Susana Villa, beauty consultant at Estética Los Arcos C.C. Los Arcos in Puerto del Carmen.

Battle of the Christmas Dinners

When it comes to Christmas dinners, you can go British, with a Christmas meal that's almost set in stone; or you can adopt the whatever-takes-your -fancy attitude of Spain. The best news is that, as they take place on different days, you could even have two dinners! But if you have to choose. Here are the main differences.

Christmas Kitchen: Besugo al Horno

This season we look at two different traditions. First, a classic Christmas main course reflecting Spain’s festive love affair with fish and seafood; Afterwards, a British Christmas spread isn't the same without roast spuds. Here’s how to get them right, with a Canarian suggestion that’s well worth a try

Do it locally!

If there's one person who's enjoying the coronavirus crisis, it's Jeff Bezos. The Amazon owner has seen the value of his company shoot up this year, as people do their shopping online.