Buying Lanzarote Wine

There are scores of different wines available on Lanzarote, and it's always worth picking up an interesting new bottle or two. Here are the best places to do it.

Cherne Fritters

Cherne (wreckfish) is one of most prized fish on Lanzarote. With firm, tasty, white flesh, it’s always popular at celebrations and fiestas. As it’s not always a regular catch, it is often dried and salted, which also adds deeper flavour.

Thai Baked Dorada

The dorada (gilt head bream) is a fantastic fish with firm, white, delicious flesh. As it's widely available on Lanzarote, where it is caught wild or farmed in the enclosures off Playa Quemada, you'll almost always find good, fresh doradas in the shops and supermarkets.

Frying tonight!

Fried food is wildly popular in Spain. It's the reason why most kitchens have an extractor fan above the hob. And once the summer arrives, it's more popular than ever – those intense flavours are perfect for enjoying in the open air with a chilled glass of Lanzarote wine.

Vegetarian Seitan in Red Wine

The El Gecko Veggie Diner, just off Playa Honda’s lively seafront, is a gem that is worth discovering whether you eat meat or not. To give you an idea of what’s on the menu, chef Jesus offers this recipe:

Octopus & Potato Salad

A hugely satisfying Italian recipe that's perfect for a scorching Summer day. The only important thing is that the ingredients are of the highest quality.