2nd Dec 2021 @ 12:05 pm

Christmas is on its way, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat, drink and be merry!


At this time of year Lanzarote’s food shops are full of delectable goodies for you to sample. You can find all the ingredients for a traditional Christmas, wherever you come from, but it’s also a great opportunity to sample local specialities, from sweet, tasty trucha pastries to smoked salmon.

Over the next few pages we’ll have just a few Christmas ideas you can explore, but there is much, more waiting for you out there.


On an island where wine is a way of life, this should prove one of the easiest parts of your mission. Sample some of the island’s fantastic vintages, from sparkling rosés and festive sweet whites to rich dessert wines and some surprisingly drinkable reds.

There’s also a huge range of spirits, some impressive beers and, if you’re laying off the hard stuff, countless fruit juices and alcohol free alternatives.

Be Merry!

Christmas on Lanzarote is relaxed, mellow and magical, with a real holiday atmosphere. Get out there and spend some time in local bars and restaurants, discover some of events that happen at this time of year and be sure to share your good cheer around.

This island has had a rough year, but now things seem to be firmly back on track. So lift a glass and here’s to the future!

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