19th May 2021 @ 2:07 pm

You don’t need us to remind you how complicated travel has become since the Covid pandemic began, but this situation means that travel agents now provide an increasingly useful and important service.

To travel to any other country at this time, you need to know the restrictions in place in your own country and those that apply in your destination – and these can change very quickly. Ricardo at Viajes Caravana in Puerto del Carmen told us “This is what we’re doing a lot of for our clients. They need to know the rules and the paperwork involved, and they need to be kept up to date.”

Travel agents can also arrange the necessary tests for travel, but this is something that clients generally undertake themselves, using a list of recommended clinics and centres provided by the travel agent.

Travelling within Spain and the Canaries also requires up-to-date knowledge of the restrictions in various areas or islands, and travel agents will advise you on these, as well as provide model declaration forms, which are often necessary to declare that your journey is essential.

Travel agents can also ensure that your details are entered on the database of residents, meaning you don’t have to get a certificado de viajes (travel certificate) from your Ayuntamiento.

Travel agents are also incredibly useful for those who have to travel to Las Palmas for medical treatment, and who are eligible to reclaim travel and accommodation costs from the health service.

All of this can be done by yourself, of course, but new reports of those who have failed to do so correctly arrive every week. Travel agents will add extra charges for services that are time-consuming, but at this uncertain time they offer certainty, security and customer care that is priceless.

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